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Getting Out of Debt

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

If you're living in debt, just know two things. Number one you are not alone, many people are experiencing debt at the moment. Two, you can free yourself!

Many pay their credit card bills monthly the same as they do their utility bills. Finance companies and banks assure you they can fulfill your dreams now and you can pay for them later.

But are you really fulfilling your dreams now, or do you feel as if you’re always paying for it now? That’s the pinch of the debt trap you’re feeling.

1. Do I have a tendency to spend more than I earn?

2. Can I afford my regular daily purchases without borrowing money?

3. Am I able to make my monthly payments without difficulty, and perhaps pay a little more each time?

4. Do I have savings I could use to sustain myself for 3-6 months if I lost my job today?

Aid & Helpful Resources

U.S. Government site to help you apply for aid and grants:

U.S. Government site that deals with food stamps:

Charity that helps only those who work:

A website to help you pay bills:

A religious organization that offers aid:

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